Saturday, November 5, 2016

                  Let us make some Jewelry 

Time to create a lovely Fabric Necklace.


I love making Jewelry out of different materials and it was fun making this one. Let me show you how :)

1-Take any fabric( I used a sheer material) 
2-Cut it into a circle

3-The edges will have some loose threads that you can easily seal with fire. Yes :) take a lighter and simple run the fire along the circle. That will take care of the loose threads and keep the fabric intact. 
4- Run a needle and thread around the circle and then pull the end of the thread when the needle reaches the starting point. Once you pull the thread, the circle will form into a ball shape. 

5-You can add a button or any round fabric on top of the circle where it is gathered. This will give a neat look. 

6- Cut circles of big and small sizes, lay on top of each other and sew. 
7- Make different flowers using this technique. Then lay them on any plain fabric and stitch as per your liking.

Use small beads to embellish the middle of the flowers. Then sew all in place. Use a string or chain or a loop to tie it up behind the neck.

It is ready. 


                                 Ready, Steady, Cook                                    
Yummiest, Quickest Bitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon recipe Ever

Bitter Gourd is a veggie that many people stay miles away from. They don't like the taste. I didn't like it either till I started having it in the form of a Bhujia(that I will share with you here :) ) 
Bitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon is not only yummy but it also has many health benefits.
 It lowers bad cholestrol, gives glowing skin and lustrous hair, treats dark circles and boosts the immune system. And it ALSO helps in weight loss! Isn't that amazing! Now let's have a look at the recipe. 

Dice 2 tomatoes. Wash, skin and deseed 2 bitter melons(karela) . Slice 1 onion. 

Heat a little oil ( I use veggie oil) 2 TBS in a wok and add the onion slices and karela in it. 

Toss in the tomatoes as well and stir on medium heat. 

Add in the spices. Salt as per your taste, 1/2 tsp red chilli pwd, 1/4 tsp coriander pwd, 1/4 tsp cumin pwd, a pinch of kalonji seeds and 1/2 tsp Anaardaana pwd. 

Stir the spices in while the veggies cook.

Cook till you see that the green colour is changing and the veggies are softening up . I do not like to overcook the karelas and the veggies as it loses the nutrients and crunchiness which is an important part of this recipe. I like to give dum for 5 minutes at this point. You can continue to cook if you like the total brownish karelas ;) 

That's it. Wasn't it easy peasy?  Garnish with fresh cilantro and chopped coriander. And add just a pinch of chaat masala on top. 
Serve with fresh chapati and raita :)
Enjoy :)